Got the shirts yesterday afternoon..... Thanks so much for your service and quick response. They look great.....I am sure I will be doing a re-order. Thanks again! -Betty Kinser      Our union members really like the style and the design. Other divisions have inquired into the hats, and I've highly recommended your company. You did a fantastic job. Thank you. -Devon      Wow, Thank you and your company I can't wait to see them. Tell Jennifer I think she's amazing and can't wait to see the design on our next order. These shirts won't last long. -Bob D.      

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Unionstuff Strength

Our greatest strength is giving you creative flexibility. We have "stock designs" but you'll get joy from creating a unique look for your promotional products be it banners or screen printed t shirts.

Bargain Basement Competitors

It’s in the basement because it’s not what you want up front for everybody to see. The truth is; a business can consistently provide 2 of the 3 basic value propositions that everybody wants to find; Quality, price, speed. We try our hardest to provide all three. "Good work aint cheap, and cheap work aint good".

High End Stuff

We usually do the fancier jobs with lots of colors for unions looking for something extra that’s not the same-old-thing. The way we do that is by emphasizing the creative message you need for your project. Sometimes that’s just your logo done right, other times it’s a combination of art made from our existing designs. Either way, we stick to the budget and make your creation come to life.

I’m Too Busy

Understood, that’s why we make it our business to show you polished artwork that solves your problems. We always send PDF documents showing your design’s progress with your input anticipated. Once you approve the new design we put it into production for careful quality work, not a hurried confusing mess. Clients find that our extra efforts are “way worth it” because “we get something members love to actually wear”.
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